I've been a publisher and editor of a small circulation magazine called "THE RAVEN: Northwest Minnesota's Original Art, History & Humor Journal," for the past 20 years, this year being its 20th anniversary. Along with my wife, and a good friend, we publish this 20-page magazine through our non-profit organization called Palmville Press & Publishing, Inc., from a tiny rural township in Roseau County, Minnesota. We do all the writing, composition, graphic layout, color printing, folding, labeling and mailing of our 'irregular time-frame' publication thanks, to Legacy Art grants: "This activity funded in part, by a grant from the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council and the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund, as appropriated by the Minnesota legislature with money from the vote of the people on November 4, 2008."

Please visit our website: theravenjournal.com for subscription and content information.

The stories published in 'WannaskaWriter" are a few examples of what has been in THE RAVEN for the past 20 years, quite an evolutionary process.

Thanks for reading us. I also offer writing and photography services, should you be looking for a different perspective. I have a distinct writing style and an eye for composition.


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