Notes on: "I Am An Observer: Pow wow. July 3, 4, 5th & 6th, 2014"

   "Norwegians don't gather on such a regular basis all over the country. You don't see Swedes in their regalia walking past you with a festive air. You don't see friendly Finlanders shaking hands in some familiar fashion, palm-to-palm, thumbs-up, finger-grip, then slide--eyes all a-smile. You don't see those people wearing tattoos with the Four Directions on them, nor eagle feathers adorning dream catchers on their shoulders.

   A Minnesota Ojibwe author wrote that many Native Americans are other cultures as well, but in my observations, none of those other cultures 'celebrate' their heritage as commonly as do Native Americans. The scandanavians don't waft smoking sweet grass or smudge before they dance or drum. I've never observed the solemnity of tradition, within my own heritage as that practiced by the Ojibwe embracing  their heritage, one event, one day at a time, but neither have I participated in my own heritage those of the clans of Europe; the early tribesmen, medieval warriors, vikings.

In pursuit of my Scots-Irish heritage, I recently finished the book "Born Fighting: How The Scots-Irish help Shape America," by James Webb. Quite an eye-opener. I'll keep reading and try to format what it is to be Scots-Irish--and Swede/Norwegian. Yah shure."

"The sound of ankle bells... rhythms in stride. The traditional and the florescent. Indian Tacos & Nachos. Drum beats, some now familiar songs and faces."


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