Their cabin in the 'Big Woods'

   This toy factory was started by two enterprising small town cousins for the single reason of building a machine that would get them into their cabin in the 'Big Woods' in the wintertime and back out again. They were successful at it, and in time, although they went their separate ways after a few years, they continued to assist one another's endeavors at the very time they competed with one another for market share, an oddly friendly situation in what came to be a highly competitive industry that swept the country by storm. The cousins' invention unleashed the creative minds of a new industry.
   Originally designed to be more of a utility machine, these shade-tree mechanics inspired enthusiasts and engineers to modify and improve on their basic model and make it into something fun that the whole family could embrace for generations to follow- - and follow they did, as the winter machines became mainstay objects in family albums; owners were photographed participated in racing events or during family gatherings; company racers were pubicized winning races and receiving trophies; artists created posters, and newspapers and sports magazines the world over covered every new model year.
   During a downturn of winter machine sales nationwide in the late 1970s, dozens of the cousins original competitors businesses failed. The two cousins businesses lagged in sales as well, so much so that one of the cousins went out of business all together, leaving the original winter machine inventor intact, but limping along at best.   In time, a rubber-tired summertime product emerged, for the  utilitarian reason of providing reliable transportation into the woods and back out again; the type of vehicle that, later redesigned into many different models, became a summertime phenomenon and revolutionized the 'toy factory' business.
   This 'toy factory' is where I've worked for all these years. I want to share some of my experiences as a factory employee/clandestine writer and publisher, through this medium, in the coming weeks.


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