Wannaska, Minnesota USA

  Wannaska hadn't seen a whole day of sunshine for a good month, and April 16 wasn't any different. Although overcast and windy here in NW Minnesota, the day was a bit warmer, relatively speaking, temperatures were in the high forties hovering to almost fifty. It was so nice in comparison to all the other days, that Dale had finally opened the ice rink equipment shed, and put the Zamboni away for another ninety-days. (Rumor had it they were going to open the pool in town should temps edge toward sixty.)
  Lawnmowers had replaced snowblowers at Knute's Hardware Store; they had buried the 40# bags of sunflower seed and softener salt with so many charcoal grills, bicycles and pushmowers, that I had nearly set up a nice display outside the building, before I managed to access a few bags. Then, I had to put it all back in, 'just the way it had come out,' (learning the hard way over the years that there's a method to everything), so says my wife and likely anyone else who is anal retentive. I figure if it fits good enough, even if it isn't perfect, it'll do. So what if the handlebar streamers were all hanging down, or the grill knobs were all turned to 'off' or that one went in first. ARGH, woman! They fit!


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