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Too Big For Publication

Hey, Wannaskan Almanac February 24, 2018 entry writer! Just before Fun Facts of the Week you asked, "What's Your Adventure?" Well, I have a couple true adventure stories about my daughter even though some say I stretch the truth now and then. You decide.

My daughter is 31 years old and no stranger to adventure here in Palmville Township. Raised an only child, she was subject to feats of daring if only because her mother and I didn’t know any better, thinking because she was a girl, she could do anything. We didn’t make her fearful, we made her brave, if just because sometimes she was out of earshot and we couldn’t hear her calling for help. We just thought she was having the time of her life, you know, fun like. Her tears had usually dried by the time we got to her and after a few minutes of comforting, she had forgotten all about it--like when she and I went sledding at Bemis Hill, when she was but four years old.

A brave lass, she sat forward of me with the pull rope…

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