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The Chicken Coop Revisited

“Just  of Scientific Mind: The Chicken Coop Revisited.”
by Steven G. Reynolds

Gramma Eff was not deaf,
not dumb, nor was she blind.
She was not daft this Gramma Eff,
just of scientific mind.

She wore knee boots,
a long white coat,
goggles, special gloves,
and entered in,
a study of,
chickens, and their loves.

“Chickens, and their loves?” you ask,
incredulously, with one raised brow,
as if of what she studied hence
made a mockery of you now.

Gramma kept her chickens clean
and altho you might think it mean
she washed their feet, their beak, their bod
--the neighbors thought it very odd.

That no one out should enter in
Gramma’s little chicken pen
For Gramma too, removed her clothes
her boots, her coat, her goggles--those

gloves, that Gramma always wore
whenever she opened that very door
of all her chicken coops there we’ve learned
strangers there, their presence spurned

Gramma found these chickens smart,
they liked color, music, art.
Gramma learned their innate needs
went far beyond mere chicken feed.

Gramma and her c…

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