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Sailing Adventure Stories

In late August of 2015, blogger Chairman Joe and I went sailing for a short jaunt of 150 miles, across the Gulf of Maine, with our friends Jerry & Marion (Hagen) Solom on their home-built, thirty-nine foot, steel sailboat Indian Summer, from Stonington, Maine to Hull, Massachusetts, just to say we did, as it's sort of like a badge of courage for otherwise long winter evenings, here in true-north Minnesota, when the talk has otherwise turned to hockey and fishing. We'll never tire of talking about sailing.

 Of course, all Minnesota readers are well aware that the Soloms are northwest Minnesota’s legendary quintessential sailboat touring couple of the geriatric set, as Jerry has given lectures and slideshows, in almost all the Sons of Norway posts and library meeting rooms in Minnesota, about their nautical travels from Norway to Portugal from 2000-2008. For Iowans and other readers, this may be your first introduction.

The Soloms are of rugged Norwegian herit…

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